Having successfully passed through the stages of rigorous inspection, the marble reaches our state-of-the-art facility. Through ultra-modern techniques and cutting-edge machinery, these raw blocks undergo a long and patient process that reveals the true essence of marble and transforms it into works of art. 

1. Analyse

  1. Loading marble blocks in portal garden:

Unloading raw marble blocks in the gantry yard with the help of advanced gantry cranes. 

  1. Deleting blocks:

The first step is to clean the marble blocks with distilled water to remove dust particles from the outside. 

  1. Bandage blocks:

The dresser’s team transfers the marble blocks from all sides to make their top flat and eliminate natural defects. 


  1. Reinforcement blocks:

The blocks are reinforced with fiberglass mesh using a semi-rigid reinforcement formula from Tenax S.p.A. in Verona, Italy. Once applied to all four sides, the blocks are fixed to withstand the wear and tear of Gangsaw cutting.

  1. Cutting process:

The reinforced blocks are taken to the Gangsaw machine to be made into slabs. The marble blocks are further fixed on the carriage using a wooden wedge, a mixture of plaster of Paris (POP), Wood Wool is added to protect the surface and then processed for cutting into slabs. 

  1. Non-reinforcement of marble slabs:

To ensure that the fragile slabs arrive safely at their final destination, a fiberglass mesh is reapplied to the back surface of the marble for transportation. The fiberglass mesh is removed before laying on the floor.

3. Execution

After the blocks are polished, the beauty of the marble is enhanced by treatment with resin and hardener. The right ratio of these materials gives each sheet the best shine and strength.

This process gives the boards a final finish. Advanced equipment removes even the smallest grains from the surface and polishes them to ensure a crystal shine on the boards. Now the marble slabs are ready to create your imagination and then go to the gallery.