Established in 2020, Rare Granito India Pvt. Ltd., with a vision to bring the world’s finest marble collection to India. The group has set its eyes to soon become one of the largest importers and manufacturers of incredible marble surfaces in India.

The company is proud to offer one of the largest lines of exotic stones. The collection consists of more than 450 types of Italian marble, quartzites, granite and other architectural surfaces imported under agreement with many quarries and brands from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Turkey, Vietnam and other geographical areas around the world.

Rare Granito is on an inexorable journey and has left unique footprints all over India. Today, the company has the largest warehouse spread over an area of 1,20,000 m2. in Udaipur and strengthened its presence by opening its current showroom showcasing its beautiful stones in the heart of the National Capital Region of India.

The backbone, which operates round the clock, is a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit spread over 10,00,000 sq.ft., was established in 2020.aIt offers part of the luxurious accumulation of Rare Granito, selected from all over the world.

In 2021, the group successfully established a first-of-its-kind smart showroom ‘Rare Granitotelier’ with a lounge concept in India’s first World Heritage City – Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These facilities are equipped with ultra-modern Italian machinery and have a strong team of 50 highly trained professionals including managers, engineers and technicians.

Following a strategy of importing only the best Italian marble and maintaining strict control at every stage, the company has enabled itself to satisfy consumers through exceptional quality. The journey that began with the import of marbles entered new areas. In 2017, the company successfully dealt with new-age materials such as Fiandre’s porcelain plates from Italy, and in 2018, it introduced Rare Stones International. Marble exhibits high design value and has successfully added masterstrokes to architectural marvels such as residences, hotels, corporate offices, showrooms, farms, shopping malls, clubs and many other luxury properties.

However, the group’s most notable achievement is being recognized worldwide for its continued professionalism and excellence. With Rare Granito marble, you can be sure that your building has truly achieved a class of grandeur.