Blue Flower Granite

Rated 5/5


Blue Flower granite is a swirling dramatic blue durable slab granite with both light and darker veins. This stone is quarried in Espirito Santo, Brazil, and gets its name from the blue coloring scattered throughout. The quarry produces a reasonable amount of this stone every year and it is not commonly known by any other industry names. The shades of the mineral deposits can vary drastically giving great depth to this beautiful stone. Even when viewed from afar you are able to see the stunning beauty of this stone. Its overall appearance is very busy and predominantly white and brown. But even from a distance, you can clearly make out the stunning blues that are present in the stone.

Blue Flower granite also has white quartz crystals deposited throughout, although not overtly noticeable these crystals give the stone a slight sparkle and shine. Blue granites are famous for their captivating patterns. This stone can withstand extreme climates, especially freezing temperatures. Blue Flower granite stone is suitable for a variety of décor applications.

Blue Flower pairs nicely with a variety of cabinet shades, yet gives a stunning contrast against white cabinets. This granite is recommended for both interior and exterior applications including backsplashes, countertops, and flooring. You can use blue flower granite to brighten virtually any room with its timeless look that works with a wide range of color schemes and styles. Despite inherent properties of hardness and density, this granite possesses a refined, almost delicate appeal that lends itself to a variety of interior surfaces.

Due to its stunning beauty, this stone is a premium granite.

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