Makrana White Marble Tiles

Rated 5/5


Makrana White Marble Tiles is one of the best natural marble tiles and appreciated for its perfect white look and smoothness. The lustrous look of these tiles is appealing. White Marble is a beautiful, natural substance that has been loved and used for years. The Taj Mahal extensively used Makrana White Marble in its construction.

It can be a great choice for flooring. Makrana White Marble Tile floors can add a touch of sophistication to otherwise drab home areas, and even make appearances in business reception areas. Makrana White Marble Tiles are also in huge demand for wall cladding. White Marble Tiles itself is a low-maintenance solution to a nice home environment. Nothing compares to the look of natural marble tiles. Each of these tiles features a sophisticated design that simply cannot be matched by any faux marble flooring options.

Makrana Marble Tiles is long-lasting and easy to maintain.

We have Makrana White Marble Tiles available in 1×1 and 2×2 sizes. Makrana White Tiles are popular for their Strength and water-resistant ability. These marble tiles consist of 98% calcium carbonate and less than 2% impurities. These white marble tiles are quite expensive because of their pure white color and durability. The minimum age of these tiles is 10-15 years.  It is also known for its purity, and it has built up a reputation for over hundreds of years now.

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